The 2005 World Youth Days

November 10 2005, category: Headlines : Europe, by: admin
Not a word on the subjects of morals such as homosexuality, homosexual marriage, contraception, common law couples, abortion or the role of women priests, on which his opponents awaited for the chance to trip him up. The new pope appeared to be playing the dodging game, but the line of the former guard of the "Doctrines of the faith" in the Vatican does not deviate from that of his predecessor.

But, the debate around the use of the condom, proscribed by the Catholic Church, did not fail to be brought up by protest groups on the fringe of the JMJ, while several homosexual organizations took advantage of this opportunity to call for an "open dialog" with the Church of the pope Benedict XVI.

Some incidents occurred between partisans and adversaries of the condom in the middle of the JMJ activities. Friday afternoon, a group of young people distributing free condoms in Cologne was attacked and insulted.

In front of the central train station of Cologne, on the square of the cathedral, pilgrims bullied these young people distributing condoms and tried to tear off their bags which contained the contraceptives.

This small group was composed of Dutch students. Interviewed on the telephone by AFP, a leader of the manufacturer stated that this action took place as part of the debate on the use of condoms for the prevention of AIDS, and includes the defence of the interest of homosexual people. "Many people within the catholic Church want the use of the condom to be authorized".