New ARAMIS leader appointed to North American continent.

November 05 2013, category: Headlines : Americas, by: English
Aramis-International is proud to announce the appointment of an exceptional woman as the new ARAMIS leader on North American continent Sharon Haziza.

She was born in Israel (1978) in the northernmost city on the Israeli shoreline, very close to the border with Lebanon.
She spent most of her life in her home town. After becoming Raelian at 27 years old, she moved near Tel-Aviv in order to be more active in the Raelian Movement.

Since she was about 16, Sharon has always been fascinated about mankind’s origin. Through the years, she attended different spiritual seminars, lectures and meditations in different spiritual groups but “all their teachings were very vague and something was always missing” said Sharon.

She always kept searching. She read many different books searching for that one truth that will satisfy her longing to understanding what life is all about. After reading the book « Intelligent design» by Maitreya Raël, all pieces of the puzzle came together and everything was finally clear.
A while after becoming Raelian, she realised she stopped searching. “It was strange, after more than 10 years searching, to realise I'm not searching anymore; I'm in peace, I found the truth!”

Sharon studied Chinese medicine, reflexology and shiatsu. After she started working in different administrative work, she succeed in these in this new field till she moved to Canada almost a year ago.

Sharon speaks English and Hebrew. She is a Guide in the International Raelian Movement and is taking the challenge to make diffusion to the LGBT community of Canada and USA, with a special regard to the Jewish LGBT associations.

Intelligent design; www.rael.org