A Fatwa of Love to 1 million people in Toronto

June 25 2006, category: Actions : Americas, by: admin
Toronto, June 25, 60(AH) - Men clad in leather chaps, wigs, spike heels, feather boas or simply nothing at all worked the runway in downtown Toronto last Sunday afternoon for the 26th annual Pride Parade.

Along the side streets, 1 million people were gathered to watch the 147 flamboyant and ever colorful floats as they cruised down Yonge Street with excitement, laughter and a "joie de vivre" not common on a Sunday > afternoon. The parade was Pride Week's signature event, and offered the most stimulation for the crowds in terms of elaborate costumes, floats and loud music.

And to open the parade, we had Toronto Mayor David Miller getting soaked by spectators as he marched with members of Toronto city council. According to him the parade is an important event for the entire city. "We're here to have fun but also we're here to say a very important thing - everyone's welcome in our city, we respect their human rights, we respect people's life choices."

And us Raelians we did have something to say. That's why 18 of us from Toronto and Montreal got together on that day and proudly marched for more than 2 hours while distributing 5000 postcards of "Fatwa of love". With 2 big posters asking people not to let the Ayatollahs kill homosexuals, we managed to capture people's attention and many of them applauded our action and truly grabbed the postcards from us. We could have definitely distributed a few thousands more. It was such a wonderful diffusion.

Many people were touched by our message but mostly by the Raelians' smile and joie de vivre and fun attitude. The atmosphere was incredible! We had so much fun, it was like a huge party, a true fiesta!

It was also important for us to remind people that while Canada is a tolerant nation, homosexuals are still oppressed around the world and killed as we speak and we have to continue to fight for gay rights with courage and for freedom. That freedom that we have here in Canada that we can enjoy unfortunately cannot be enjoyed in other countries and could at any time change even here at home.

Last Sunday, we were definitely at the right place, at the right time, to defend the rights and freedom of the gays but also for anyone to that the choice and the right to be different and to be loved for his/her differences.

Together, we are building the embassy, 1 step at a time, always in the action and supporting our Beloved Prophet in his incredible mission to save us and we do it with harmony, love and consciousness. Thank you Prophet, thank you Elohim for your unconditional love and for this wonderful message of hope that you gave us. I love you Prophet. I love you Elohim

All my love to those who dare to be!