Sydney Mardi Gras 2006

March 24 2006, category: Actions : Oceania, by: admin
There was a great sense of change in the air this year at the Sydney Gay and Lesbian New Mardi Gras. The crowd kept building along Oxford Street from early in the afternoon. By evening there was close to half a million people at the various vantage points along the Parade route.

Over the months leading up to the Parade there have been many sobering issues to deal with. A lot of these have their roots in the distant past and a lot are to do with sexuality and religion. Big changes are taking place in the world regarding sexuality and religion.

For example the cartoons of Mohammed have caused an international reaction. As well as those Same Sex Unions have very much been on the agenda. Congratulations UK. Many other matters concerning Gay Rights have been publicly discussed. Not least of which is the Vatican’s ridiculous edict banning gay men from becoming priests and the ‘witch hunts’ Benedict XVI has unleashed on Catholic Seminaries throughout the world to interrogate seminarians in respect to their sexual preferences.

The Raelian Movement is always thinking ahead in respect to these matters and working towards a better world for all. Oceania prepared a full-frontal assault on the oppressive attitudes of traditional religion and promoted a strong message at this year's Parade following on from the success of last year.

The theme of our float was ‘Debaptism”. “Religions Created Homophobia - Debaptize Now”. Our signs read, “Homosexuality IS Natural. Homophobia is NOT Natural”. “UFO Brings Love”, “The Myth of God is Over”, “Debaptise Yourself”. All signs had the raeliangay.org website underneath.